Introducing MY NEW BLOG…

so I have some big news to announce to everyone that is a follower of this blog. I am starting a whole new blog site soon!! I will still blog on this one ( I cant give it up now its been 3 crazy year!!) because the new one is for a different purpose. I have been following alot of interior design, inspiration, diy crafter blogs lately and I came to the realization that I could do this as well. I mean I make all the stuff anyways for myself so why not write about it and try to sell stuff while i’m at it. Kev bought me a domain name and is going to build me a custom website -are you ready for this…. drumroll please I am now the proud owner of yay!!! I am creating a etsy account with the same shop name: jenloveskev. In my shop I will be selling everything I love to make from headbands, to handmade journals, pillows, custom tee-shirts, everything and anything I silk screen, sewn creatures, artwork- whatever i am inspired to make will show up there. I am very excited about all of this because even just thinking about it gets the creative juices flowing. Its going to be great. I really hope I can make a lot of connections and network with all the other amazingly creative people out there. It should be done is the next little while.

Here are a few headbands I have made lately: the only thing though is I make the stuff and then I like it so much I don’t want to sell it…




and remember stuff like this (i am a bookmaker at heart)… Scaffolding journals will live on in jenloveskev






  1. anth_lau •

    So the other day I discovered (i’m always a little behind). I was thinking how you should have your own page, I’m so proud of you for doing that! I am so excited to see all the things you come up with. Congratulations on your new website, cute name too. Love you!

  2. anonymous •

    I can’t wait to buy up all your stuff!!


  3. jenni_n_kev •

    for you i give a special discount.

  4. magnuspowersinc •

    jen! that is fantastic news. you should be proud of yourself!! i hope i can ask you to make me a custom headband (with a flower of some kind of course) – i love the second one pictured! it will be perfect for the length of my hair right now.. i never know what to do with it! let me know! :]

  5. jenni_n_kev •

    thanks my dear for all the support!

  6. jenni_n_kev •

    thanks jess! I think that one you like has your name on it then… its not a regular headband- well its on one of those black elastic headbands. Is that ok?
    the leaves are made out of felt and the flower is this old vintage button flower with another button in the middle.

  7. magnuspowersinc •

    it sounds amazing! i’ve actually never worn the elastic headband type… does it squeeze your head? – cause i have a pretty big melon haha.. i’ve had regular headbands though that do that.. it’s probably just my head :] but i’ll give it a shot! c’est tres beau!

  8. jenni_n_kev •

    if you measure your head maybe I could add length to the elastic for you so it will fit you better- or at least I could compare it to my head- it fits pe pretty good. I wear it more around the top part of my head (sort of 70’s like) instead of under my hair around the back of my neck.
    Let me know…

  9. magnuspowersinc •

    i just had my mom measure my head it’s 10 1/4 in. around.. haha and 9 1/2 measured how your wearing it in the pic (around the back) – you probably have a much smaller head than i! ha ha

  10. jenni_n_kev •

    Ok ill check and get back to you- Maybe I can just adjust it for you if its to small- Ill measure when I get home.

  11. magnuspowersinc •

    ha ha i meant 20 1/4 and 19 1/2

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