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So for the last little while I have been really into watching fashion shows on line (although its now a dream to be able to go to a famous designer show in real life). I have always really loved fashion, but lately its becoming more and more important to me. Anyways, of course I can’t afford any of the designers things but I still like to look at them just the same. This is from the fall collection of Oscar De La Renta and its on sale now for only $2,070. haha Maybe when I start getting paid more as a teacher (hehe like that will happen).
I just love this blouse and skirt. Its like good art to me. Its that weird?

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  1. anonymous •

    that’s not weird at all! i’m the same way. fashion is good art to me. especially when it comes to a nice dress and shoes.

    – amanda

  2. anth_lau •

    SO NOT WEIRD! You should get into it and go on Project Runway. That’s my dream, (that and top chef and dancing with the stars) I want to do too many things, LOL. I told Anth when we get a house that I want a dress form and a new sewing machine. As soon as I have more than 20 square feet I’m totally going to learn how to make cloths. I wish we could go into business together. You can design and I’ll be you’re litle sewing sweat shop laborer. We’ll be rich!

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