House pics…

so here are some more house picures for ya to check out. We have a bit more furniture now- no quite there but almost. We absolutely love it here- we love the furniture we got and how everything is coming together. I think its a good mix of kevs real modern tastes and my more vintage taste. I am going to have to get kev to take some nice pictures for you all to see- my camera is not like his.

the view from in the kitchen
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view from standing in the bay window area
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my grandma and my 669film camera
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isnt this bookcase great?
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  1. magnuspowersinc •

    lookin’ good! i can’t wait to come visit you guys <3 sorry again we can't come this weekend - rory got into a moped accident yesterday so it looks like the gods want us to hang tight for a few days! hope all is well & have fun this weekend!

  2. anth_lau •

    Everything has come together so nicely! I love all your choices, looks so wonderful. Miss you!

  3. anth_lau •

    oh yeah, and i noticed you got rid of those beautiful pillows that came with your couch. how could you.

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