so amy came home from dc the other weekend to shoot a photo story for greenpeace about some workshop greenpeace was having for college kids. (I think that was what it was) anyways it was great to see amy and john. They got me to watch almost the entire first season of friday night lights in one day. haha ok so they didnt have to push hard. As amy would say “who doesn’t like inspirational sports movies?” On Sunday me, kev and John went into boston to meet amy after she was done shooting for the day. I love boston so much- its a bummer that we live so far away now- but it was great to be there even though it poured and we eneded up running like crazy people down newbury street to find shelter. We ate at this great restaurant called The other side cafe. Anyways we drove amy and john back over to the captial building to get amys car and said our goodbyes and almost headed off when amy came running back at us saying she had a flat tire. haha it wouldnt be a visit for amy with out some kind of car trouble. haha

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