A visit from Laura…

So Laura came out the other week to check out our new digs and to visit- I was so glad to see her and the baby. i dont like missing out on seeing him grow up. She was a great help painting all the trim in the den (which is just now finally finished-ugh!) We went out one night for a girls night and left kev with the sleeping baby. We went to this great little french restaurant in Lenox called Baroods (www.baroods.com) We each had a dinner crepe mine had eggplant and zuchinni in it (Mmmm) and then I had a dessert crepe too- which was called The Smore. Lets just say is was amazing. I mean if it has nutella in it how can you go wrong. All in all it was a great visit-I love when she comes to see me.

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  1. anonymous •

    You two are just to cute!! I still picture you together when you were only 11 or 12. Where has the time gone? I am very proud of who you both have become and thrilled that you are still really good friends and that you make the effort to get together even though you live far away from each other. Friendship like yours is very special and so are both of you. Love ya!


  2. justyouandme •

    is that my striped vest? thats one of the things iw as loking for at home. could you sendddd it to me possibly?

    along with my grad photos perhaps?

  3. justyouandme •

    on second lookim not sure if it is my striped vest but if you have it…could i get it back?

  4. anth_lau •

    Actually i think it’s my vest. So maybe you could send it to me. Thanks. 🙂

  5. anth_lau •

    linda, you’re so sweet! love you!

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