Livingroom/ Dining Room

so painting is slowing coming along. We have finished the dining room and living room- we really like it alot. We are glad we picked grays- now we just need to get some furniture (we’re working on it).

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  1. justyouandme •

    yor hhouse looks so big!
    and really awesome
    its temptingm e to come live there!

  2. jenni_n_kev •

    hmmm maybe I should say there are drawers and sour patch kids and purple hippos and spicy peanut tofu dip in the kitchen too- maybe that will help presuade you

  3. anth_lau •

    well, you gotta leave some painting for me to do when i come. I was thinking of coming the week of the 7th for a few days. I have to be back for the 12th cause i have a friends college graduation party to go to. Would this week work for you? Let me know.

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