So the only room in the whole house that is done is the kitchen and I love it!!! It makes me so happy being in there. The green is great now that there are some decorations up and I love the color scheme with hints of orange and the white and black cabinets and appliances. I bought this awesome owl figurine that kev hates but I think its awesome I mean its pretty ugly but in an ugly amazing kind of way!! I bought some fake flowers and stones and greens and made alittle arrangement for the counter.

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the hideously adorable owl…
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I love these mugs!
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my flower arrangement
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kev has always wanted these fake grass things
ooo p.s. I made these plates in the background too. I painted them on clear plates and then spray painted the backs white. There are 4… a bird, a chair, a tree and a chandelier.
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the jade plant in the window is a house warming gift from mike and erin. I love it!!
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  1. anonymous •

    Your house looks so good already! Amber is going to be very jealous when she sees it. I can’t wait to see the final product. When can we all hang out again? By the way, we are having our own apartment warming party on Saturday, July 12 @ 7ish PM. I hope you guys can make it!


  2. magnuspowersinc •

    your house is beautiful! the kitchen looks great… i loveee the greens and oranges and the OWL (i <3 owls...) - those plates you made are magnificent too! the huge windows in the other rooms are also beautiful... congrats my dear- we look forward to visiting this summer!

  3. ext_69397 •

    Your house looks great Kev and Jen. So happy for you guys!

  4. jenni_n_kev •

    we look forward to getting together with you guys!! Lets make some plans!

  5. jenni_n_kev •

    Thanks Marty!!

  6. anth_lau •

    Oh, it looks so nice!!! I bet it feels great to be in that wonderful kitchen. As for the owl, I LOVE IT, i have this thing for owls for some reason. They’re so fun. I think it started with that owl you got for me from the flea market. I think they’re the best conversation pieces. Congrats to you both, it’s awesome!

  7. anonymous •

    I Love it!!! The green is so nice, I love the color!!

    Love Jenni

  8. anonymous •

    We love the new house and everything you’ve done already! Keep the pics coming 🙂

    Erin and Eric

  9. anonymous •

    I miss you guys so much! The kitchen looks awesome! I love the color and I can’t wait to come down and visit you guys soon!

    Love, Carrie

  10. jenni_n_kev •

    Thanks guys!! I hope everything is going good with you guys… are you taking a break for the summer with school?

  11. jenni_n_kev •

    at first it was so bright I was alittle afarid but I like it now…good thing!

  12. jenni_n_kev •

    Cant wait for you guys to come visit!! Pirate and gully miss you too!!

  13. thesewingsrust •

    ahhhhh! i love it! we’re painting our kitchen the same color…granny apple green. my favorite!

    but i love the color schemes you’re choosing and it looks amazing. congratulations!

  14. jenni_n_kev •

    thanks amanda! How is your new place going?? We are going to be having a big BBQ soon so hopefully you guys can come out. Ill let you know the date when we plan it out.

  15. thesewingsrust •

    Our place is going very well, thank you! it’s not a house, but at least it’s a place of our own. The next step though is getting a house. Saving saving saving!!!

    Definitely let me know about the BBQ. As long as it’s not on the weekend of July 19th, I’ll be able to go. My sister-in-law is getting married on the 19th so I’ll be in the Cape.

    Can’t wait to see you guys! I miss you so much! And good luck with the rest of your decorating/furniture.

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