yo gabba gabba

So there is this awesome kids show on nickjr. called yo gabba gabba. The people who make it must be pretty cool cause they have great band on their as their guests like…mates of state, the shins, ladytron, shiny toy guns etc.
the dj is great for the show. You should watch it.

  1. justyouandme •

    hahah the green guys arms are sooo funny!

  2. anonymous •

    One of the creators of Yo Gabba Gabba! is MC Bat Commander from the Aquabats, which would explain the cool bands. Veau’s friend Marissa works on the show.


  3. thesewingsrust •

    parker absolutely loves this show! at first he was afraid and would hide behind my legs, but he’s warmed up to it now. he loves playing with his brobee stuffed animal.

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