i have been looking at lockets lately. I really love them. I want a really cool one- i have been looking for a really cool antique one but havent found one that i liked yet but i did find this one I really like on this website called Planet Jill.com I would get a “r” engraved with a picture of me and kev. or maybe my cats haha


I cant wait for brimfield in the summer so i can hunt for old jewelry. I miss going to the flea market in hubbardston every sunday when i lived at my parents.

I have all this great jewelry that my grandma gave me and its like the best stuff ever. I have been trying to make pins and broches out of the earrings because I cant wear alot of it.

oooh how i love old stuff

  1. anth_lau •

    OH I wanna come to brimfield with you! For old time’s sake 🙂

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