house things…

so we have started a count down on our dry erase board till we get into the house. 27 days and counting… I cant believe how long we’ve waited- we got the house in march. Well we have no furniture or well anything to move in with. The apt. we are in now was furnished when we moved in. These are the must haves…
Patio furniture (haha a bbq and patio furniture is what i want first cause i just want to cook and eat and hang out with friends out in the backyard all summer- I dont need furniture on the inside yet)
Dining room table
Wii (Yep we still want one so bad!!!)

I am so excited to have a studio though- we can have our screen printing press all set up and finally have a spot for the letterpress and then just a place for my junk and everything. Its so exciting.

we are going to have a big bbq party- everyone can come and just bring a chair (haha i wont have a place for you to sit otherwise)

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