a running story…

so this has been the first offical week of training for the marathon. I went on a run yesterday on the rail trail that was beyond weird…
I 1. got hissed at and chased by two very protective canadian geese.
2. got 2 see 4 baby geese all yellow and fluffy munching on the grass on the side of the trail
3. ate about 6 bugs. I would be breathing and then all the sudden I would choke cause it flew right into my mouth and hit the back of my thorat. ugh!! It would make me gag…
4. got scared to the point where it made me make a noise out loud by being startled by a bunny. haha yep a bunny
5. got laughed at by a family of 5 who witnessed the whole thing
6. got stuck in a downpour 2 miles into the trail with no where to go except to keep running- it rained the entire way back to the car. I was soaked.

I hope today is better…

  1. anonymous •

    wish I was with you to enjoy that fun run!! Just ran 10 miles this weekend with the kids!

    Love Jenni

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