i’ll just keep ’em coming…

So since I had just recently posted a very flattery picture of me in a swim cap and nose plug I thought i would just keep ’em coming…
here is the story of 4/29/2008
it started as any normal tuesday morning except it was alittle bit special- it was our 4 year dating anniversary. Some people might not care or remember about a day like this but to us its very special- i know wedding anniversaries are usually the main anniversary but for us its alittle different. The wedding anniversary dont get me wrong is great but getting married always seemed in the cards for us but out first date had been lead up to by lots of drama and secrets and adventure and tons of excitment. It will always be a night to remember. We went to go see silent drive play upstairs at the middle east at the second show they ever played. Followed by late night roller blading around framingham and then hanging out by the damn by school. Ok so back to the story of this tuesday… We both got up for work got dressed, I made our lunches and ate an orange and a kashi protein shake with vanilla soymilk- the usual. A kiss goodbye and we were both out the door. Now my drive to school is a very long (haha) 12 mins- but on this 12 min drive my throat started to get itchy and my eyes were getting itchy as well. Now i thought it was my seasonal allergies starting which I get very badly for about 3 weeks every May. i tried not to itch my eyes in hope that it would go away. I got to school- talked to nicole about how itchy my eyes were and if she got allergies and then off to first period i went (my graphic design class). After the morning announcements my eyes were getting extremely itchy now and my throat what feeling little tight. I mentioned it to the kids to see if any of them got allergies and they said no- not yet anyways, then with funny looks on they said that maybe i should go see the school nurse. I thinking I was ok took attendance and soon realized that i was having trouble opening my eyes and swallowing now. So off to the school nurse i went- by the time i got down the hallway I couldnt really see out of my eyes now and my throat was very tight. I started freaking out now, the nurse gave me some benadryl when everything continued to get worse she decided to give me an epipen shot because it was getting alittle to serve. Then ambulance was called and off i got sent to the hospital. Lets just say I was very upset at school followed by embarrassment as I had to be wheeled out of the school with an oxygen mask on, swollen shut eyes and lots of students staring at me as I left. ahhh haha now I can laugh.
The nurse and the principal finally got ahold of kev on his way to work and he met me at the hospital. I looked ridiculous I am sure- he said my eyes were so purple and swollen he didnt even recognize me. So we spent about 7 hours in the er- i was hooked up to an iv which i was getting fluids and steriods from. Well to sum it up I dont know what it was from – we are saying the orange (maybe pesticides) but now i have to carry and epi pen on me and have to go see an allergist.
Here is a funny video kev took:

in case you didnt hear
Kevin: what do you have to say to the orange that did this to you?
Jen: your lucky you were good tasting

this is after about 3 hours in er, some steriods and an epi pen so this was a major improvement
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  1. anonymous •

    You almost looks as bad as that morning you came to my bedside and your face was coverd (alittle exaggerated) with huge blisters. You have to stay away from oranges and columbines! Don’t made me worry!
    Love ya!!
    Mom xoxox

  2. magnuspowersinc •

    jen! oh my goodness – are you ok? i really hope you are feeling better.. that sounds like an awful way to start the day – do they think it was pesticides from the orange or something else… rest up my dear – i hope all is well!

  3. anth_lau •

    I’d say “Orange you not glad you didn’t pick an apple instead?” I know, not so good grammer. Anyway, I FEEL TERRIBLE. I saw that I missed your calls today. I had the busiest day ever and I didn’t get your calls. And now my phone is charging, so I will call you when it’s done. I’m sorry you’re not well. I started to cry when I saw your pic cause I wasn’t there for you when you called. I love you, and I hope you feel better soon. Like mommy said, STAY AWAY FROM ORANGES and whatever else she said. (I don’t know what a columbine is.)

  4. anonymous •

    Wow that’s crazy! At least you look happy in the video and pictures 🙂 I’m no doctor or nutritionist, but saying you drank soy milk made me wonder if you developed a soy allergy. Many of the things Eric and I eat/drink have warning labels that the product has soy and that it can be an allergen. Just a thought… Otherwise, looks like it’s time to buy organic fruit and veggies!

    Erin A.

  5. jenni_n_kev •

    I had the same shake the next morning- alittle scared but I had to know and I was fine. So I dont know if its from the soy milk? its funny cause i have started buying organic fruits and veggies but I had had these oranges from before. Haha thats what i have been telling everyone now that has been giving me a hard time for wanting to eat more healthy. Stupid pesticides

  6. anonymous •

    OH MY GOSH!!! I’m so glad you were ok, that must have been so scary. I hope that you find out what it was that did that to you!!Bet you don’t want to eat another orange anytime soon. Hey really healthy breakfast by the way.

    Love Jenni

  7. anonymous •

    Well at least you have a good idea of what did it. Pretty creepy though!

  8. anonymous •

    I came on to tell you that had a visit with frances from the elevator today. also i meet a woman named judy today and i almost burst out laughing. it took all of my strength to hold it in. Then i was out at grandma and grandpas and the spot i got on the ceiling is really noticable. Grandma thought you did it. I told her it was me. your off the hook. well i just came on to tell you and to let you know that you look better in a nose clip than with swollen eyes but your orange quote is priceless. Love you. come up again soon so we can play again.

  9. jenni_n_kev •

    i had a great time haning out when we were up there. I have been working on a picture of judy that I am going to send you. Its gonna be great.

    we’ll be up again in the summer I am sure! But you should def. come down and visit us for a bit this summer too!!

  10. […] and the ambulance rushing me to the hospital. oh boy! I posted this blog post 2 years ago with some terrible pictures of me and this funny video Kev took of me in the hospital. This is after I have been on a steroid […]

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