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So my sister amy is graduating from RIT this june she majored in photography for the short of the story. She is very talented and I guess for RIT you need to have a co-op for your last credits. Anyways amy just got her co-op with the photo editor of green peace. She is going to be moving down to DC for the summer. How cool is that? I am very excited for her. Although I will miss her- I already dont see her very much. Sniff sniff

so I was watching some more of ART:21 and there was this artist named Barry Mcgee. He is I guess a street artist first then more of a “gallery” artist next. He even says when ever he does a show at a gallery he feels he needs to do that much more street art to redeem himself. I was very interested in the stuff he does because he incorporates lots of old junk and frames things in old picture frames which is all stuff i like to do. I am still torn about graffiti. I do very much like some of it- its beautiful and so creative but then i feel bad that its some else’s property. I go back and forth whether I agree or disagree with it. I dont agree with some teenage or any age person just getting a spray paint can and spraying crap all over something jsut for the shear fact of destroying something. That is stupid to me. When it has some sort of thought and plan to it and is something else thats when I enjoy looking at it and then cant decided if its ok that they just painted that on the side of a building. They make a good point in their clip (its about barry mcgee and another girl) that some people see graffiti as garbage but they see billboards as garbage (mind garbage) which I also agree with. Think of all the billboards that we see everyday telling us to buy something or look a certain way. That is as bad or worse I feel like. Hmmm?? Here are some of Barry Mcgees work…

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