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Hello all,
Yesterday I got a membership at our local pittsfield library- I was very excited. Other than it smelling weird in there they had a great cookbook section and craft section. I took out these 7 books: 1. A hiking guide to the berkshires 2. The Hobbit 3. An Orgmai Quilting book 4. Home Craft Project book 5. A book on making things with felt 6. Home decorating book on color schemes and 7. Training for a marathon book. I took them out to look at when I am up in canada.
Yeah so I am leaving for canada with my mom on saturday for the week. I have my spring vacation and since kev has to work I am going to go up with my mom and visit everyone. I am very excited but a week is the longest we have been apart in I dont know how long. We are going to stop in Rochester and see amy and then off to my aunt and uncles to see them and my cousins and Jordans kids. Then we will be bouncing around seeing other aunts and uncles and my nana and staying at my grandparents and then staying at Carrie and Joels. I love seeing all my family- its the best. Even if kev wanted to come though he couldnt know because he doesnt have a passport- He better get one soon!!

So I read this article in Rolling Stone a little while ago on Jack Johnson and I really just like him more and more. Say what you will about his music- I can understand if people arent into it but you ahve to respect the guy. He is like the least famous famous person. He is never in the news. He wont tour for more than a month at a time because of his wife and kids and he wont tour at all if its surf season in hawaii. He records his albums in a 100% solar powered recording studio he built- He prints his cd cases on recycled paper. He just seeems like a geniunely cool guy. I just like that he seems true to who he is and where he grew up. I do like his music alot. I mean I cant listen to it all the time but it will always remind me of driving along the coast of hawaii with the windows down- its makes me feel all warm on the inside.

I was listening to NPR the other night and there was some guys on there talking about how we lose a certain percent of cognitive abilities by the time we are a certain age and he was then referring it to dementia- but then he keeped calling people “demented” as he further talked about what percent of cognitive abilities we lose. I mean i guess Demented is the right term to use but it sounded really funny to me. He was like “they are extremely demented” blah blah blah demented. He said it like 20 times in like 3 mins.

  1. thesewingsrust •

    jack johnson did the entire soundtrack for the curious george movie. since parker loves that movie…we bought him the soundtrack. he loves it! i even love it. i put it on my ipod and listen to it at least once a day. it’s definitely a good kids album. but not like that kidz bop stuff. it’s really good. you should give it a listen!

  2. jenni_n_kev •

    yeah i have it- i do like it alot. I use to play the title track for the kids in my preschool class in hawaii and we would dance around to it!!

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