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hello all. Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Things have been going good. It has finally started to feel a bit like spring- and I am loving it. I have been able to go running twice this week outside on the rail trail. I have missed it. Its weird its this very love hate relationship. I of course hate running because its very hard and a consistant mind game to keep going but then I find times where I am just enjoying myself so much and the struggle of it is enjoyable especially when its beautiful and high 50’s and the first time you have been able to be outside and not freeze in about 6 months. I love the rail trail by us- its the best.
I also love you can find like any tv show to watch. Its great.

So I have decided that I am going to start buying only 100% pasture finished meat from local farms. Read more at and I respect people who are vegetrians and amy who is vegan- I personally dont have a problem with eating meat but I am however very grossed out by the large corporation aspect of it and what goes on with that. I want back to basics.

My art show opening is tomorrow. I hope it goes good and there is an ok turn out. I have a feeling its just going to be me kev and my parents. hehe nah at least laura and erin and mike and beth and erica will be there too. Thats at least 7. whooo hooo 7

I have been watching alot of the pbs series art:21 lately and I hate when artists have to much to say. Everything has to mean something- I think that is crap. I liked this one interview with a photographer named Sally Mann. She was talking about how she took a picture of a dog bone once and liked the way it looked so decided to take more pictures of dog bones and then she ended up having a gallery showing of her dog bones and people (cynical postmodernist she called them) were like “oooh dog bones what do you think they mean??” She was laughing at them like “cant art be for fun”. And I agree with her. Yes somethings have meaning- but you know what I think, most of the time it starts with an idea but the finished piece really just came out of what looked good based around that idea. I dont think there has to be a reason why you put a green stroke in the corner other than the reason that maybe it balanced the composition and it looked good. I hate BS about art. It drives me crazy.

ok there is my rant.
I am going to go watch SNL shorts on now

  1. magnuspowersinc •
  2. magnuspowersinc •

    good luck with your show lady! i wish we could come check it out… possibly in the future when you have more – you should try showing up here – there are millions of very cool galleries. check out here if your interested (they have calls):

    on another note – i have been reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma and i highly suggest you read it – all about where our industrial food comes from – from the plant/ground to the store – a regular guy went through the whole experience it’s quite interesting and gives you a whole new perspective on everything – one chapter is dedicated to him working on a totally organic farm – another is about hunter gathering.. it’s awesome haha. rory and i have been veggies/not eating any processed food since february – we wouldn’t cancel out eating meat but we’ll only buy it from local farms. anyway, good luck again – your stuff looks great on your website :]

  3. anonymous •

    Hi Kev and Jen,
    Kevin, I spoke with your mother yesterday and she said you had pictures of the house up on your sight. Butch and I just went through them. We love it. It is cute and the inside is spectacular especially the wood floors. You guys did great. Hope to get to see it sometime this summer or early fall.
    Take Care,
    Chris and Butch

  4. magnuspowersinc •

    on the art rant – this is the part that rory is struggling with while getting his mfa in fine arts – i know your thinking of getting your mfa in the future so be aware that it is all people like that – it’s a very self absorbed environment – it’s not like getting a master’s degree in medicine or architecture or something like that…it’s all very inward – i guess that’s the nature of the beast.

  5. anonymous •

    I’ve seen that interview with Sally Mann. She’s awesome. She raised a lot of controversy a while back for taking naked photos of her kids. They weren’t sexual or anything, but some people still had a problem with it. I think she works with ambrotypes a lot. I have one of her books called “What Remains.” It’s kind of creepy. She exhumed her dead dog after it had been buried and started decomposing and she took picture of what was left. It has some pictures of dead people too. They’re all ambrotypes. I really dig Sally Mann. I think “Deep South” is another of her book done in ambrotypes.

    Good call on abandoning factory meat. It’s beneficial for your health, for the animals, for the environment, and for the local/small farm economy. Discretionary eating feels great physically, but it also feels socially empowering. Erin and I have been vegetarians for 2 years now. We’re pretty much vegan 99% of the time. You’ll feel a lot better for giving up factory meat.

    I also know what you mean about the “art meaning something” point. People love to ask what tattoos mean. My tattoos are just of stuff I like.

    What an interesting post you made! Look how much it made me write!

    Good luck with your show,


  6. jenni_n_kev •

    yeah- in that sally mann segment she shows alot of those family photos. The kids give interivews to about them. I wonder what it would have been like to have her for a mom growing up??
    I really like her stuff to!

    The show went good. Not a very big turn out but I did get interviewed for the local acces channel. haha

  7. jenni_n_kev •

    haha Yeah I am alittle nervous about that part of it- Ill have to get tips from rory on how to handle it all.
    Artists can be crazy!!!
    How’d Rory’s MFA show go??

  8. magnuspowersinc •

    his show is great! it’s a huge group show – 65 MFA students… all working in different mediums – the exhibit is in a beautiful old factory with very cool rooms – hopefully i’ll get there again before it closes next weekend to take some pictures! also, i was watching pbs today and there was a special on Deirdre Scherer- an artist who creates her art out of fabric and thread.. it’s amazing – most of her work focuses on aging/death… very powerful – you should check it out!

  9. anonymous •

    Hi Kevin and Jen,
    Just wanted to let you know that we looked at the pictures of the house. I looks great. We love the floors and the layout. Wish you luck with it. Can’t wait to see it for real.
    Chris and Butch

  10. jenni_n_kev •

    Thanks Guys!! We cant wait to have everyone over to see it.
    Hope you guys are doing good!
    Kev and Jen

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