candy candy candy…

So yesterday was easter and now i have way to much candy to eat. I have been eating sour patch kids all day. Which leads right into what I wanted to comment on first. Has anyone seen those sour patch kids commericals?? They are so so funny. haha My favorite one is the one below. haha even thinking about it now its funny.

sour patch kids make me think of amy. sour then sweet haha jk- just cause she likes them so much.

We really appreciate everyones comments on the house. Everything is pretty much all set now with it, we’ve had our inspection, we’ve gotten the report, we gave our second deposit, our loan is all set and ready to close on june 16th. Its just going to be really hard to wait. Its hard not to talk about it all the time- just trying to figure out what we want to do- how we want to decorate. I have been looking thru alot of design magazines and things about furniture and well just everything. Its hard to be patient.

I got the 101 dalmatians dvd for easter- which i was really excited about. I wanted to start my own disney dvd collection. So far I have Hercules (need to find first though), 101 dalmatians and sword in the stone. I want: beauty and the beast, lion king, aladin, little mermaid, mulan, anastisa (not a disney movie but still great), newsies, cinderella, toy story, finding nemo, emperors new groove, jungle book, robin hood, sleeping beauty, alice in wonderland, and peter pan. Yikes thats alot of movies.

I think my favorite are: Alice in wonderland, robin hood, peter pan, sleeping beauty hahaha never mind i think they are all my favorite thats why i want them all.

I found some cutlery (silverware) that i liked alot at linen and things. That seems like a lot of money though- wouldnt you need 2 sets. So thats like 100 dollars.

I really just want nice clean white dishes I like those ones alot. I havent seen them in person though. I really like the bowls that it comes with. I love all the glasses that crate and barrel has. I want to get all our glassware there- well and so much other stuff.
I love this bed

Im sorry if I am boring everyone with decorating things/disney movies. This is more like a reminder for myself.
hope everyone is doing well

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