Welcome to our first home!!! It was built in 1900 and is 1,800 sqft. Its a very lovely (sarcastic) shade of blue which unfortunentely we cant change because its vinyl (but at least there is no upkeep). We dont close until June 16th (our second wedding anniversary) because the sellers cant move until then, but we are very very excited. Its going to be hard to have to wait till june to move in. The next 3 posts are all pictures of the new house. Enjoy!

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this is the side of the sunporch
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im going to need my mom to help me with some gardens…
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  1. jenni_n_kev •
  2. justyouandme •

    i love it!

  3. anonymous •

    we are so psyched for you guys! can’t wait to help you move in!- nikki

  4. anonymous •

    These odd stalker comments are creepy. I might delete them.

    – Eric

    P.S. – I know Erin told you this, but your house looks great and we can’t wait to visit!

  5. jenni_n_kev •

    Thanks guys!

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