Valentines Day…

So can you believe that a year has past from when i made you all guess what kev got me for valentines day. Remember it was our hawaii cats Big Surf and Kamehameha. (we got mail for them the other day- 2 letters addressed to big surf richardson and kamehameha richardson, it was from the vet) Anyways so another valentines is here and this year we decided to just make things for each other. I made kev a Chess set from clay which i fired and glazed all the pieces and then cut and painted the board from a piece of wood. It came out so awesome. Not to toot my own horn but i think it came out really great. It was the first thing I ever fired and glazed before. We really like playing chess together. NOW kev made me… MY OWN WEBSITE!!! crazy huh?? He knows that i want to start getting my own art shows and he wanted to create me a website that I could send to galleries to see my stuff. It has just a few pictures right now but it will have more artwork soon and alittle more content. Its so awesome. I love it.

Anyways, I had mentioned that I wanted to go to the restaurant The Melting Pot. Well, that place is just to packed. I can never ever get a reservation. So with an idea from Laura i decided to make our own melting pot for valentines day! It was so so fun. i bought a fondue pot from target and got this great white wine recipe to cook our main course. I had chicken, steak, zucchini, cauilflower, peppers, potatos to cook in the sauce. It was so delicious and it was such a fun dinner- we loved it!! And then of course for dessert we had chocolate fondue with strawberries, apples, pineapple and poundcake. Mmmm way better than going to a restaurant.

Here are some pictures of course…

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this is our attempt to get a nice picture
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  1. magnuspowersinc •

    i have many comments! first, the chess set DOES look awesome and you SHOULD toot your own horn. i love the colors and the pieces! we love playing chess too… especially in the winter when hibernation is at it’s peak! also, the website kev made for you is perfect! i am looking into website building/design right now and that is the perfect example of what i’d like. tell kev it looks awesome! lastly, you guys are darling and fondue rocks! we went to a fondue party up here not too long ago (they love it up here) – you guys should come visit!

    p.s. happy valentine’s day!

  2. anonymous •

    You guys are so creative. Jen the chess set turned out soooo! great – I can’t wait to see it in person and the Kevin the web-site you did for Jen is awesome – what a great idea for her, thanks!
    Hope to see you both soon.
    Mom xoxo

  3. anonymous •

    Wow, Jen, that chess set IS AWESOME. It looks soooo good! I am so impressed, but, not really surprised because your stuff is awesome all of the time!
    I love you.
    Love, Carrie

    p.s- Dinner sounded yummy!

  4. anonymous •

    great job you two on the gift idea’s the chess set looks awesome jen and we’ll keep an eye on the website kev made for you another great idea. You two are so creative and caring!!! Sounds like the fondue went over great too, it is a lot of fun it’s not a rushed meal which is nice and sometimes staying in is better than going to a restaurant! Enjoy
    Love mom R

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