Long Island…

So i got to go visit laura and family the other weekend and it was so great to see them. Laura is of course amazing and the baby is just perfect!!! I wish we lived closer so we got to hang out more. As much as i love to go and see them I have to say that out of all the places i have lived I feel the least nostalgic about long island. I kinda hate the island (no offense laura) Dont get me wrong there are some great things and places about it but they seem few and far between. I mean when you cant even go see a movie and get dinner on a sat. night because everything is booked and sold out- its alittle crazy!! But any trip there is worth it because i get to see laura.

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  1. anth_lau •

    Oh my gosh, i’m so offended. You know I love nothing more than jumping from movie theater to movie theater to catch the long awaited chick flick. And i love nothing more than starving on a line waiting 2 hours to eat dinner (thank goodness for john harvards). Now you know why i can’t wait to get the heck outta here! Your valentines day looked so great! I can’t believe how cool that chess set came out. and how original to make a website for you. You guys are so cute, a little too cute, but nonetheless, cute. BTW, I feel like my life has no purpose now that Project Runway is almost over! Yay for Christian and Jiliian! Love you guys!

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