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So I guess i havent posted anything in a while- its not that nothing has been going on but because we have been busy and I guess i have just become lazy. Anyways to make up for not having any pictures to post I will be filling this post with links. I got the idea from our friend eric who always fills his post with very interesting links. Although this will not compare I will try my best.
So I have been really really into cooking lately. I mean ever since we got married I have been but lately I have been all about trying new reciepes and I really just love making dinner for kev. Its something I enjoy. Last week I made him one of his favorites Chicken Cordon Bleu This is not the reciepe I used but in case you didnt know what it was. Anyways, I hate it because I hate ham, but kev loved it. My favorite thing i have made lately is I grilled porkcops the other night with some baked butternut squash with brown sugar and cinnamon on top with cut up green apples baked in all that goo as it melted down inthe the pocket of the butternut squash. It was so good. With some long grain rice.

anyways as i am typing this I just heard a student in Nicole’s (The other art teacher) class ask the another student it she had a thinking cap if she would wear it. Now that is a great question.

Lets move forward…
So if we havent told you already Me and kev have applied for our home loan and are hopefully buying our first place. We have a deposit down on this loft style condo that is being built in an old antique mill . The pictures in that link are of the 1 and 2 bedroom units we are actually buying one of the artist lofts with the open floor plan. It should be around 1800 sq. ft. We are very excited and hope all goes as planned.

We have been going to the gym alot lately. I have been taking a couple spinning classes a week. I really like it alot.

We have found a few awesome restaurants out here. There is this pizza place that we love that is all hawaiian/surf decorated. They make this awesome pineapple pizza called the Hawaii 5-0. Then there is this other restaurant that we love. Everything that they cook is from local farms. It has great atmostphere and the food is awesome. THey also have this great fire place inside. Kev loves the design of the place so much.

we also have started going to this great church in Troy, NY its like 50 mins from us, but its so worth it. We love it. There is this really awesome brewery next door that we eat at afterwards. They have great food and an awesome Cherry Rasberry Beer.

This past weekend was the opening of the 22nd annual Berkshire county high art show at the Norman Rockwell Museum. It was really fun. The kids all loved it and the artwork was really good. The Richardsons made the trek out here for the day and came with us. It was great to have them here with us. Right now the Rockwell Museum has this awesome awesome grahic novel exhibit up. Its so good- we have seen it twice now and I know we’ll go back before it comes down. 2 graphic artists gave a talk at the opening- they were great. They live in worcester and are currently working on a batman comic for dc comics that is set in 1939 and is based off the pulp magazines of that time period. It looks awesome.

So valentines day is next week and me and kev are making presents for each other as we usually do. Anyways I am making something sweet I am very excited. We are going to dinner at The Melting Pot . I am very excited!!!

ok I guess thats it for now.
oh yeah we went to a show the other night in providence (long drive but worth it) to see Deertick and manchester Orchester. Both were awesome!!! Deertick was so so good. I love them thanks to amy and john. SO GOOD!!

  1. anonymous •

    Good work on the links. Kudos from a master linker!

    Good luck with buying the loft. It looks awesome.

    – Eric

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