1. ok i just have to say that i got carded today at walmart when i bought spray paint??? I mean come on I have to look over 18!

2. so project runway is def. one of my favorite shows on right now. I love it, but I get so frustrated with the way they kick people off. HOW THE HECK IS hat wearing cry baby ricky still on the show??? He stuff is TERRIBLE every week, yet he squeeks by and then someone who always does great stuff (kevin, KIT!!!!) get kicked off because of one off time. I think past runway outfits need to be part of the decision everyweek. Get him off the show!!

3. We are going to foxwoods tonight!

4. Kev has been in Arizona for the last 2 days for work. He got to see eric and erin too!!

  1. reealitee •

    ROTFL! Ricky cries atleast once a week! It’s so pathetic. I loved kit too, and kevin. I agree with you about how they should be judged on past weeks too. I like Christian, i think he is so funny! I think Christian, Jillian and maybe Fomee (sp?) should be the bottom three. Although everything he makes looks the same (flashback to santino of season 1) LOL – i feel like i’m on a project runway forum – I’M SUCH A NERD!!!

  2. reealitee •

    i mean Romee – LOL. Not only did i mis-spell it but typo too.

  3. jenni_n_kev •

    Hmmm I think that christian, jillian and victoria should be the final three. I dont like romi after the way he treated sweet p last episode. Jillian and christian are my favorite though!!

  4. anonymous •

    It was great to see Kev! Now we need to get you both out here for awhile!
    – Eric

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