so i have been watching the travel channel all day and it is only fueling my desire to travel. Between tv, our world map shower curtain and our large large world wall map- i cant stop thinking about it. I love Samantha Brown’s Passport to Europe. I wish it wasnt so expensive to fly there or anywhere for that matter. I was just a the website for the ice hotel in Quebec. I want to go there so bad- how awesome it that. I mean yes it is cold but your sleeping on ice and drinking from cups that are ice. Its like 399 dollars a night per person. yikes!! but it does include lots of free stuff. like dinner, and breakfast and an hour of dog sledding. WOW!! that is so cool, I want to go dog sledding.

  1. anonymous •

    While the ice hotel sounds ‘cool’ and all, why not get away from the cold and come to warm, sunny Phoenix!? 🙂

    Erin and Eric

  2. anonymous •

    haha seriously! a lot cheaper than 400 bucks a night. PER PERSON!


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