im trying to be more french (haha) because of some certain people living in montreal. Its been inspiring me to speak it more often (well in my head anyways). I wish i remembered more. i use to be so good. oh well.

anyways the zombie party has come and gone and lets just say that it wasnt much of a moving making night but it was filled with some awesome portrait studio shoots of zombies. They came out so good!!! I’ll be posting them in the next couple days. The party was a blast. I love just hanging out with everyone and although taboo is fun cranium is still my game of choice. Thanks to everyone who came out.

So i have been listening to the Mariah Carey Christmas cd alot lately. I know i know everyone is sighing right now like come on that cd is so bad. But have you listened to it lately? haha like anyone has it right? but its so so good. I mean she sings the entire cd with a gospel choir – now that is good stuff. Anways I am in love it with it.

we get to watch a documentary called “darius goes west” on friday as a school. I am actually very excited about watching it. It sounds like its supposedly a good film. I just had my last observation and meeting for the school year, which is also exciting.

We finished our christmas cards and they came out awesome. I cant wait for everyone to get one!!!!

ok thats it.
p.s has anyone been in an arie store?? Its the american eagle pj store. Oh Man I love everything in that entire store. Everything looks so cozy. I love pj’s- they rule!

Oh and sunday we got to spend the day with my mom dad, carrie, joel, amy and John in Toronto and I am so so excited about that. Its going to be so fun. Its amy’s birthday! Yeah!!

  1. justyouandme •

    the have and aerie store at the mall near me. the stuffs ok. i mainly buy my underwear from there.

  2. magnuspowersinc •

    by the way… i love the mariah carey christmas cd… i still have the same one from like 5th grade when it came out haha.

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