so thats not to much to report I guess. We decorated our apartment for christmas, its very nice! It was helpful that my mom had so many left over christmas things i got to take with me. School has been going good. its a weird time of year between thanksgiving and christmas break, no one really seems to want to do anything and we havent had a full week since because of the weather. Everyweek its something whether a snow day, late start or like today early dismissal. Classes have been pretty laid back. Only one more week till vacation. We are leaving in a week to go to Canada for christmas. I am so so excited because I havent seen alot of my family since before we even moved to hawaii. PLUS me and laura (cousin) are going to be the best christmas comittee pt. 2 ever!!!! Last weekend was my mom’s holiday house tour. We had about 300 people come thru our house. Its all for a charity called Hearts for Heat, they raise money for familes that cant afford oil in the winter. Anways there were about 5 house on the tour that you bought tickets to go thru. My mom went above and beyond decorating for christmas, she has been working since the summer making everything for the house. It was so amazing!!! The house was a million times better than any other house on the tour. It was great!
I am really excited about seeing these movies…
1. The golden compass
2. Juno
3. Into the wild
4. Sweeny Todd- I CANT WAIT!!!!

if you havent seen the darjling limited it was amazing. i loved it. except i dont like natalie portman in it- she was creepy.

here are some things i love lately and i want to share with you…
1. wearing boots
2. skipping and running at the same time
3. singing christmas songs
4. good smelling candles
5. sewing things
6. zombie christmas parties
7. Green tea with mint/ candy cane tea by celestial seasons
8. apple sauce
9. Dill humus
10. hanging out with kev (although thats always true)
11. overhearing funny conversations
12. project runway
13. stretchy pants
14. robes that are more sweatshirt like with hoods

  1. anonymous •

    We’re still bummed that we’re going to miss the zombie party! I like your list. Our list is pretty much this:
    1. Finals are over
    2. We’re coming home next week.
    3. We should try to hang out next Friday night for a little bit.

    Hope to see you soon!

    – Eric

  2. magnuspowersinc •

    into the wild was a great film! inspiring and wonderful but at the same time very sad and depressing. c’est la vie. anyway, i really enjoyed it. how was the zombie party? we just got back into the states last night!

  3. I’m not quite sure how to say this; you made it exetmrely easy for me!

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