so its 12:00 and I am home eating lunch right now. School ended at 11:12 today because of parent teacher conferences that start at 1:00. I only have 3 conferences but have to be there the whole time from 1-4 and then 6-8. I guess I need to find something to do when I am there.

I am really excited about the neww season of project runway starting tonight. I love that show. i wish I knew how to sew like that. I cant wait till it starts!!

I cant stop dreaming about school. Its like everynight and its not as bad as nightmares but they arent pleasant either, I guesss i would call them dream-mares. They wake me up all night long. I wish they would stop.

So this morning everything was definetly frosted over. It was very cold and I didnt have time to sit and wait for the car to defrost. I did my best with windshield wiper fuild so I could see thru the front but the side windows had to go down for a minute so I could see to turn- IT WAS FREEZING. But I got thru it by blast ac/dc on the way to work to get pumped for the day. haha

Ok I gotta go back to school. Hope everyone is doing good.

  1. anth_lau •

    My life revolves around project runway and the food network. So basically I’m fat and happy. 🙂

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