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this isnt so much an update as a jumble of thoughts. I am sitting here at my desk. Its my prep period. I am very very excited right now because I have been thinking about going back to hawaii on my febrary vacation and I was just talking to jenni (friend from hawaii) and the aloha run that we all did last year together just happens to be the same week as my vacation. It would be so fun to get to run it again with jenni. Maybe the tee-shirts wont be ugly this year.

i just brought in some tea today to work to keep in our closet and I have to say I am enjoying it very much. It is a nice break. I bought some green tea with mint, and it has been very relaxing to sit for a mintue and drink something warm. I just got my school id today. it is funny. Dont worry Ill post the picture. I have my second evalution on friday. I am getting kinda nervous about it, but the project that we are starting is cool ( i like it anyways) so hopefull it will go good.

to answer a question. I am thinking about going into a painting MFA. I really enjoy printmaking and have thought about going into that but I dont think its my strong point or my focus. At least with painting it really means anything and I usualy have paint somewhere in what I make. Schools on the other hand I have no idea where to go. I have really wanted to go to mass art. but now that we are 3 hours from boston, that idea doesnt really work out. UMASS makes you be full time in resident student for their MFA program and I need to keep working so there goes umass. There are alot of colleges out here but they are all private and cost a million dollars so that doesnt work either. So as of now I have narrowed it to (only by process of elimination) Universty of Hartford Art School or SUNY Albany. Which stink cause I’ll have to pay out of state tution. THings concerning school dont seem to be going in my favor.

Im off to paper mache

  1. anonymous •

    Hey! It’s Eric. Going to grad school is one of the most super-overwhelming things ever! Here’s a way to look at it. There is no reason why you should have to pay for grad school. I bet the DOE accepts an MFA as a route for art teacher to get initial/professional licensure. This means that your district will probably pay for part of it. Secondly, if you’re really feeling brave, you can do what I’m doing and apply for a Teaching Assistantship or a Fellowship of some sort. Then grad schools pay you to go there. I don’t pay to go – they pay me. It just stinks because you have to quit your job. I bet if U-Mass requires full time, they have this sort of funding available. It’s not a lot of money, but when you combine what you make with what you save in tuition, it’s a pretty hefty sum.

    Sorry to dump all this in a blog comment. When you really get into looking at schools and applying, give me a call if you want to chat.

    – Eric

  2. jenni_n_kev •

    hey thanks for the tips eric!! I will totally be asking you tons of questions when I get more into figuring everything out. I asked already about what masters program i had to take and they said that a MFA was what i needed for professional status I already have my intial. Which I was def. glad about, i didnt really want to get a masters of education. That doesnt seem very appealing to me. haha is that bad? Hope school/life is going well!!
    Thanks again!!

  3. magnuspowersinc •

    First, i love green tea! It is definitely comforting to take a moment and drink some each day.

    Second, an MFA in Painting sounds awesome! I don’t know if you guys would consider it but up here in Montreal/Canada there are wonderful art schools. Rory is paying about 6,500 for the year but the school has already given him about half of that in scholarships (because of the socialist government a lot of tax money goes to students & universities making it VERY affordable). I think if your a Canadian resident it’d be about 2,000 each year. Insane. All of the people in the MFA Fine Arts are pretty cool too. Everyone gets their own studio and access to some of the most state of the art equipment/supplies. At Rory’s school they have the number one photo developing/darkroom facility in North America. So, I don’t know if it’d be possible but it’s definitely worth checking out! Keep us posted. If you guys ever want to come and visit just let us know!

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