hey everyone!
I hope that everyone is doing good. Kev and me and doing good. Busy but good. Kev’s work has been keeping him so busy lately. He is off to NYC tomorrow to go to a design conference and then last week he was in New Mexico for work. Last week for me was busy with passing in grades and having new lessons ready and all kidns of stufff, but I am glad that that week is over. This week I am focusing on painting and starting a collection of artwork that I can try to get a solo art show with, that and well have a portfolio to get into a masters program for my MFA. The pieces so far are mixed media, kinda focusing on old objects, antiques, they include lots of old fabric, dress patterns, buttons, and antique gody frames. Speaking of old gody frames. I was in the goodwill yesterday looking for exactly that and other old junk that I could use in paintings and this guy that worked there came right up behind and and shoved this old decorative egg in my face. It totally took me by surprise, he was like “do you like old things?” I was like yeah i guess so. I mean i do, but thats a weird question. He said “I thought so- you should check out this egg. I saw it on the shelf and thought youd like it” weird. I dont know what gave him the impression i liked old things. I had a calvin and hobbes comic book in my hands with some fabric i found. Nothing overwhelming old. it was strange. I didnt get the egg.

The school play in on thrusday, me and kev are going to go. They are putting on Mcbeth. I have about 10 students that are in the play. Saturday is the opening reception for a graphic novel student art show at the Norman Rockwell Museum. I had 3 students enter and all 3 got excepted in the show, so we are going to the opening on saturday. It should be fun.

ooooh did anyone know that the bodies exhibit is coming to framingham. How weird huh? this is the weirder part- its going to be where comp usa use to be. I want to go so bad again. I loved it when we saw it NYC.

ok i gotta go My Portfolio class is starting.
peace out

  1. anth_lau •

    WOW! You sound so busy, but all with really cool stuff. I’m so impressed with everything you’re up to and so proud of you for all you’ve accomplished! Take some pictures of all the projects, I can’t wait to see everything.

  2. magnuspowersinc •

    your life sounds great! full of motivation and happiness. what MFA program are you going for? i’ve been thinking a lot about going back for my MFA as well 🙂

  3. ext_69397 •

    Kevin should be in the play Macbeth. He would be a great Duke!

  4. anonymous •

    Can’t wait to see what you come up with for your portfolio. Post pics!

    – Eric and Erin

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