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November 2007

Christmas 2006 “Murder at the Four Deuces”

Ok Ok its that time of year again when me and kev throw a big christmas bash. Its the 3rd year this christmas and its going to be bigger and better than ever. If you havent been to one yet you are missing out. MAKE SURE YOU CAN COME THIS YEAR!!! Its going to be Saturday, Dec. 15th. The invites are going out this week so if you want one in the mail get me your address. Anyone and everyone are invited so bring your friends your girlfriends your boyfriends… JUST BE THERE!!1 This year it involves Zombies and movie making!!!

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so its 12:00 and I am home eating lunch right now. School ended at 11:12 today because of parent teacher conferences that start at 1:00. I only have 3 conferences but have to be there the whole time from 1-4 and then 6-8. I guess I need to find something to do when I am there.

I am really excited about the neww season of project runway starting tonight. I love that show. i wish I knew how to sew like that. I cant wait till it starts!!

I cant stop dreaming about school. Its like everynight and its not as bad as nightmares but they arent pleasant either, I guesss i would call them dream-mares. They wake me up all night long. I wish they would stop.

So this morning everything was definetly frosted over. It was very cold and I didnt have time to sit and wait for the car to defrost. I did my best with windshield wiper fuild so I could see thru the front but the side windows had to go down for a minute so I could see to turn- IT WAS FREEZING. But I got thru it by blast ac/dc on the way to work to get pumped for the day. haha

Ok I gotta go back to school. Hope everyone is doing good.

skull display…

here is the display with all the day of the dead artwork.

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3D paintings…

So the last project we made in the sculpture and ceramics class was I let the students pick out a painting that they liked and then they had to recreate it as a relief sculpture. They came out awesome. Here are 2 of the finished ones, the original paintings are next to them…

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another update….

this isnt so much an update as a jumble of thoughts. I am sitting here at my desk. Its my prep period. I am very very excited right now because I have been thinking about going back to hawaii on my febrary vacation and I was just talking to jenni (friend from hawaii) and the aloha run that we all did last year together just happens to be the same week as my vacation. It would be so fun to get to run it again with jenni. Maybe the tee-shirts wont be ugly this year.

i just brought in some tea today to work to keep in our closet and I have to say I am enjoying it very much. It is a nice break. I bought some green tea with mint, and it has been very relaxing to sit for a mintue and drink something warm. I just got my school id today. it is funny. Dont worry Ill post the picture. I have my second evalution on friday. I am getting kinda nervous about it, but the project that we are starting is cool ( i like it anyways) so hopefull it will go good.

to answer a question. I am thinking about going into a painting MFA. I really enjoy printmaking and have thought about going into that but I dont think its my strong point or my focus. At least with painting it really means anything and I usualy have paint somewhere in what I make. Schools on the other hand I have no idea where to go. I have really wanted to go to mass art. but now that we are 3 hours from boston, that idea doesnt really work out. UMASS makes you be full time in resident student for their MFA program and I need to keep working so there goes umass. There are alot of colleges out here but they are all private and cost a million dollars so that doesnt work either. So as of now I have narrowed it to (only by process of elimination) Universty of Hartford Art School or SUNY Albany. Which stink cause I’ll have to pay out of state tution. THings concerning school dont seem to be going in my favor.

Im off to paper mache


hey everyone!
I hope that everyone is doing good. Kev and me and doing good. Busy but good. Kev’s work has been keeping him so busy lately. He is off to NYC tomorrow to go to a design conference and then last week he was in New Mexico for work. Last week for me was busy with passing in grades and having new lessons ready and all kidns of stufff, but I am glad that that week is over. This week I am focusing on painting and starting a collection of artwork that I can try to get a solo art show with, that and well have a portfolio to get into a masters program for my MFA. The pieces so far are mixed media, kinda focusing on old objects, antiques, they include lots of old fabric, dress patterns, buttons, and antique gody frames. Speaking of old gody frames. I was in the goodwill yesterday looking for exactly that and other old junk that I could use in paintings and this guy that worked there came right up behind and and shoved this old decorative egg in my face. It totally took me by surprise, he was like “do you like old things?” I was like yeah i guess so. I mean i do, but thats a weird question. He said “I thought so- you should check out this egg. I saw it on the shelf and thought youd like it” weird. I dont know what gave him the impression i liked old things. I had a calvin and hobbes comic book in my hands with some fabric i found. Nothing overwhelming old. it was strange. I didnt get the egg.

The school play in on thrusday, me and kev are going to go. They are putting on Mcbeth. I have about 10 students that are in the play. Saturday is the opening reception for a graphic novel student art show at the Norman Rockwell Museum. I had 3 students enter and all 3 got excepted in the show, so we are going to the opening on saturday. It should be fun.

ooooh did anyone know that the bodies exhibit is coming to framingham. How weird huh? this is the weirder part- its going to be where comp usa use to be. I want to go so bad again. I loved it when we saw it NYC.

ok i gotta go My Portfolio class is starting.
peace out

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