turkeys gone mad…

so i was listening to NPR yesterday as I drove to Northampton and there was a segment about how there is an overabundence of wild turkeys running the streets of boston and as the globe put it “terrorizing people.” Im sorry but this sounds ridiculous. They had some police officer that has been responding to the calls lately talking about the situation and it was so funny. I guess there is this one huge bird that has staked out his home on Beacon street in boston. Which if you dont know if a very ritzy street in boston. I guess he has been causing lots of trouble. Anyways, the interviewer asked why they just cant capture and move the birds somewhere else and the police officer said that they are protected animals and its against the law to move them. He then went on to tell everyone that you should deal with one if its coming to towards you by hitting the turkey with your purse!! This was seconds after he said it was illegal to kindly capture and relocate them to a forest, but its ok to now hit the turkey in the head with your purse.
haha so funny

I went and saw an amazingly awesome mates of state show last night in north hampton. SOOO GOOD. She was extremely pregnant but didnt let that slow her down. It was a special seated show at the iron horse and She played a gand piano, him on drums and then there was a girl on a bass and a girl on a cello. It was so awesome. Lots of take is back songs but also a few new songs which of course were great! I love north hampton and mates of state. ahhh love

kev is going on his first business trip next week- well i guess first one that involves flying. He leaves for Santa Fe next tuesday for a few days. Im really for him and I hope he has a great time.
His work is also going to be on wife swap sometime soon. I guess there are filming an episode right now in ALbany and the new wife in one of the families is making the husband get a job. And im guessing since he use to be an animator ABC called kevs work and asked if he could go work there for his job. ISNT THAT AWESOME. I hope kev gets on tv that will be so sweet!!!

  1. anonymous •

    I heard that wild turkey story on NPR too! The animal control officer that said to hit the turkey with your purse was so funny. You are right, right after they said you can’t relocate them, they asked what you should do if one is attacking you, and the officer with his French accent goes, I don’t know, hit them with your purse or something, but just don’t kill them. I was cracking up!

    Have a good business trip Kev!

    Erin A.

  2. anth_lau •

    That was such a funny story about the turkeys. I wish I was in Boston right now so I could chase around all the turkeys. Sounds like you’ve having a great time lately. Kev’s birthday bash looked cook – i loved the pic of him w/ the shark.

    When I first read this i thought kev was going be swapping his wife. LOL. SIlly

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