theres lots going on lately.
1. we moved to lenox- way way way far west in MA

2. I got to order like $2000 dollars of art supplies today, that was like christmas!! I cant wait to get everything!!

3. I also got to go outside today and be a judge for the marching band as they auditioned for drum major. IT WAS AWESOME!!!

4. Kev works in albany NY at a great advertising agency, he likes it alot. Lots of talented people his age work there, so thats good

5. JENNI HAD HER BABY!!!!! I got the call from toby the on the 17th, her due date was the 18th and i told her she would have it the 16th so i was close. I was wrong about the sex. I told her that she was going to have a girl. ALTHOUGH the night of the 15th i said that even though i tell her she is going ot have a girl i knew deep down she was going to have a boy. ANyways, the new baby’s name is Cayden Koa- its such a great name!! Its killing me though that we arent there to she her and meet to baby.

6.we got a new car- well almost new. We needed a second car

7. Third season of the office is awesome!!(thanks amy)

8. I got a sewing machine for my b-day from kev, i havent used it yet though cause i dont have stuff at our apt to do it. BUT SOON and then WATCH OUT!!!

9. ok i think thats it for now.

miss everyone

  1. thanks for the update, those pics are so beautiful. I know I saw them already but i hadn’t seen the ones of the mountains. I love the mountains. Glad to know you guys are settling in west mass nicely. I miss you! love, laura

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