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hmm i guess i havent posted in awhile. i always do really good and then get bad and then get good again. well we are working out everything about moving. So far so good. We have our plane tickets and are car is booked. We are having a garage sale on the 14th which is awesome cause i wasnt sure how we were going to do that living on the 3rd floor of an apartment complex. Anways we are having it on one of the military bases with matt and bethany. I have been having some weird feelings lately about moving. We are so so excited but its hard to leave. In the morning when i go running its so beautiful. Its like at 5am and the sun it rising from behind the mts. that surround us and then on one road because we are up high-ish i can see diamond head and the ocean and the city and everything is just so amazing at the time. Im trying to enjoy it as much as possible. But then today I got an email from my mom that said that my cousin just got engaged ( CONGRATS JILL!!!!) and its so so exciting to me cause i know now that iam going ot be home to celebrate and be there when ever things happen with my family. I mean i know they are all in canada but still we can drive there so easily. I love love love family gatherings. Kev’s work is having a kick’in party (haha) tonight because they just moved into a new space. Its awesome. nice windows that look out to the hawaii theatre. Im excited i have the holga, my fisheye camera and the digital. Im ready to go, so dont worry there will be pictures posted sometime soon but in the mean time I have scanned what has been keeping me busy at work lately. Im at work right now and I have this really awesome pad of grapgh paper (i must be a nerd if i think graph paper is cool) anyways i cant stop drawing patterns and designs with my sharpies and highlighters. I now am moving onto to making designed name plates, so far ive made 2 for kev 1 for me and 1 for erin.

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