i guess its time…

so I guess its time to let the cat out of the bag (which i now know where that expression came from- a lady at work got me a cat book.) SOOOO the news is we are moving back to Massachusetts. Crazy huh? Well we have decided that it is time to start a new chapter in our married life and that invloves moving back to MA. Hawaii has been more than an amazing journey, we will never forget or regret coming here. I gave my notice at work yesterday and so did kev, we book are car shipping and we are buying are plane tickets for July 31st. Its really happening and its sad and exciting all at the same time. I can not believe that this weekend a year ago we were at erin and mikes wedding wishing them well knowing that in less than 12 hours we would be leaving home for an unknown amount of time and still had yet to pack. haha oh man that cracks me up when i think we hadnt packed yet. Oh well erin and mikes wedding was more than worth the late night of packing. July 2nd last year we headed out on the road after a nice breakfast at the richardsons blasting “saddle up my horses” as we headed across the country. We are going to drive cross country again but this time we are getting our car shipped to seattle and then we are heading north into canada and the east from there. Canadian rockies here we come. I am very very excited!!! We are going to see my cousin in jasper and and aunt in alberta. Then everyone in ontario, its going to be one great trip!!!

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    YAYAYAYAYAYYAYA!! Come see me!!!
    Love, Carrie

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