race day…

so sunday I ran my first 1/2 marathon. It was fun!! (for the most part) it as beautiful thats for sure. Running alongside diamondhead right next to the ocean as the sun was coming up. Anyways I was lucky enough to get a race numbber of 777 to bad it wasnt for the slot machines though. I may not have been as fast as most people but lets just say the week before I ran 11 miles in 2 hours and 28 mins. This week in the race I ran 13 miles in 2 hours and 9 mins. yoozer!! hehe I was proud of myself. Except im feeling it… I can hardly move.

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  1. justyouandme •

    FITTEST GRANNY IN THE WORLD (thats gonna be you!)

  2. justyouandme •

    oh and CONGRATS on running the 1/2 marathon. i could never ever.
    but i didnt make record time (cut off 12 minutes!) getting to school on my bike yesterday. at the end i have to go up one last sorta steep hill to the door of the school so i got off my bike and jumped up and down like rocky.

  3. jenni_n_kev •

    sweet!!! i hope that you hummed the rocky theme song to as loud as you could as well. We watched that new rocky movie the other day. Its was BAD, but kev loved it.
    it just made me laugh
    he acts retarded

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