To Laura…

the buny head will forever remind me of you and garage sales. It needs to show up more in videos i think!!
love ya

  1. anth_lau •

    even in a creepy bunny suit, you’re so sexy! LOL! I miss you so much!!! 🙁 It’s weird you mentioned the garage sale cause just yesterday I was using a folder that I took at the end of the day when you mom was just getting rid of stuff. I took some weird stuff – a calculator that says “carrie” on it, a veggie/dip platter, some old toys – Garage sales make me crazy! It’s like, oh, it’s only 50 cents, I need that! And if it’s not 50 cents I will fight with old ladies until they give it to me for 50 cents! Poor old ladies.

  2. anth_lau •

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    Always good times!

  3. jenni_n_kev •

    remember kev was to embarassed to go out to bloackbuster with us if we looked like that. Its a good thing he didnt know us when we were younger!

  4. jenni_n_kev •

    my hair only got better when we put the wire in it and i looked like pippy longstocking.

  5. anth_lau •

    LOL – Seriously!

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