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So there is a movie competition once a month in town that is called Showdown in Chinatown. The 2nd thursday of every month at 5pm a theme props and a line of dialogue gets posted and you have exactly 48 hours to make a movie with those guide lines. It has to be under 7 mins. This month the theme was “a gift” the props had to be a hose and a bracelet and the dialogue had to be “its really nice.” Then that second saturday night they play the videos on giant screen at this really awesome club. Its all brick with a shepard fairy installation at the back. Its sweet and judges vote on the best video. its fun. although we didnt even come close to winning. ehh

  1. justyouandme •

    hahah this video is great guys!

    the part where kev is looking at the mail is so funny.

  2. anth_lau •

    I was a little nervous to see what Kev was going to do with the hose. Well done. very funny.

  3. anonymous •

    Toby and I think this is SO FUNNY, you guys are so creative!! I’m goning to have to be a star in all of your videos now 🙂

    Love Toby, Jenni and Cody!

  4. anonymous •

    We don’t even know what to say but that video was AWESOME! We were literally LOL.

    Erin and Eric

  5. anonymous •

    well the video certainly went along with kev’s personality, i could see him shopping for gifts in a dumpster!!!!!!! ha ha and i”m his mother!!! just kidding good job you two certainly are creative hope you had fun doing it , it looks like you would, keep up the good work and maybe you’ll end up # 1 next time love mom r

  6. anonymous •

    Amazing video guys! Had me laughing my head off by the end!

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