an update…

sorry for the lack of pictures lately, we have been i guess hanging low on the weekends. There are only so many beach pictures that we can show before you all get bored. Anyways last weekend we entered that film contest, which was a crazy start to the weekend cause it was 48 hours of craziness trying to get it done. We were burnng it to cd at 4:48 when it had to be downtown at 5pm. It was intense.

We were also suppose to go help out on the set of extreme home makeover, we had the shirts and access passes and everything but a trip to the beach thte day before lef tus very burnt and quite miserable so we decided to pass. oh well, at least we got a shirt out of it.

I ran 11 miles on sunday which leaves me 2 short for my race this sunday but that will be ok. I am running in the Hibiscus half marathon on sunday.

We got a video camera from home so expect lots of videos now, which will be a great change from pictures, videos beat pictures anyday.

We went surfing on sat. I am not good, nor do I really enjoy it yet. I would rather just go swimming in the waves. It freaks me out, but I guess if you live in hawaii you better learn how to surf.

We had a long weekend last weekend. It was king kamehameha day, I dont know what he did that day but me and kev both got off of work.

Everyone at work still thinks I have cats which we dont and I feel bad telling them. Someone even got me a book about training cats, yikes.

We have been married 1 whole year on Saturday, I can not believe it!
It was funny because I signed onto my itunes account the other day to download a song for our movie and it said the last time I logged on was June 14th 2006 which was the day before our cruise when I went on to download the proclaimers song for our wedding cd. That has to be the best wedding song ever that anyone has ever picked. (no offense of course-hehe)

so we watch 50 first dates the other night. It was the first time we have watched it since we have moved here and it sure is funny. we can pick out almost every spot on the island that they are. Even the shirts that adam sandler wears are from places around the island and the way they talk and stuff. it was fun to watch.

ok im off to bed. I hope all are well.

  1. justyouandme •

    can i come live with you for the rest of the summer?

  2. justyouandme •

    look i even found a job!

    “Photo lab tech, part time late afternoon to evenings, McCully area, entry level position. Will train. Photoshop knowledge desirable. Car necessary for light delivery to a Waikiki hotel. Duties include: processing and printing, computer corrections (Photoshop), maintenance and cleanup. Promptness and good attitude a must. Contact Dennis or Kim at: 947-3345.”

    [im at work and very bored]

  3. jenni_n_kev •

    sure come on out!!!
    lets go right now!!

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