a lesson in hawaiian…

Hawaiian Words that are used regularly everyday- It took me a while to figure out what the heck people were saying…
aloha- hi, bye, a spirit of love (supposedly)
mahalo nui loa- thank you very much
honu- sea turtle
wahine- women
ono- good, delicious
hana hao- one more time
pau hana- after work
pau- done
keiki- child
lanai- porch
moana- ocean
ohana- family
lei- flower necklace
tutu- grandmother
haole- white person
hale- house, building
kai- ocean
kama’aina- local resident
pali- cliff
poi- mush made from taro
taro- kinda like purple potatoe
koa- strong
humuhumunukunukuapua’a- state fish
imu- pit of hole in ground where you cook a pig
makai- towards the ocean (used in directions)
mauka- inland towards the Mt. (” “)
Mele- song or merry
menehune- little magical dwarf children
nene- state goose
hapai- pregnant
malasada- a donut without a hole, but cooked more like fried dough, its awesome!
puka- hole
okelo- butt
pupu’s- appetizers

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