ok ok so I am getting really really bad about posting to here. But I do have a lot of pictures to put. I promise I’ll get them to you soon. I have to wait for my mom to send me a disk with all the pictures they took from their trip here. Anyways heres another quick update.
1. My parents just left and it was awesome to see them. We did so much stuff, everyday was jam packed. I was exhausted everynight. They had more energy then me and kev.
2. We finally went to the USS Missouri and then again to pearl harbor. It was aweomse getting to go inside the battleship all thru out the decks.
3. We went to our first Luau. It was alot of fun.
4. I am 4 weeks into training for the marathon. So far so good.
5. I think I’m going to run in the Hibiscus Half marathon on june 17th, but iam not sure.
6. The church website kev designed is finished and on line go check it out-
7. I have straight across bangs right now
8. My dad got to snorkel with 4 sea turtles when he was here he even pulled one of their tales. haha
9. We’ve almost been married for a year, wowzer!
10. I miss all my jewelery that I have in my drawers back home. It was all the stuff my grandma gave me and I loved accessorizing with it. I brought some of it but I miss the rest of it. I liked wearing it knowing that it was my grandma’s. I want to find some sort of heirloom that I can have forever from here that will always remind me of hawaii that I can give to my kids or grandkids some day.
11. ok I think thats all I can think of for now
peace out

  1. reealitee •

    I’m glad you had a good time with your mommy and daddy. I miss them too. I’m working on Anthony. I keep talking about how much I miss you and need to see you. He doesn’t think it’s fair to have the baby fly on a plane for that long a period of time. I said, he won’t know any better. You should call him and ask him if he would let me come. 🙂 631-235-4163 Why not, we used to manipulate our parents all the time. You can just threaten him and say that if he doesn’t let me come you’ll wear a paid sticker on your forehead all day. Or say that if he doesn’t stuff all the dolls you won’t take him to discovery zone. Wait a minute!!! We were the ones who were manipulated! All these years and I though we had our parents wrapped around our little fingers. I was so wrong. Anyway – it’s worth a shot! MISS YOU GUYS!!!

  2. reealitee •

    PS – kev the website is amazing! You are so talented!!!!!!!!

  3. jenni_n_kev •

    haha you crack me up. I might just have to give Mr. Anthony a call. Maybe I should call him and pretend that I am baby Anthony speaking to him and say that he really wants to fly to hawaii. That he enjoys flying because you get to see movies that arent out on dvd yet usually and that he likes to sit onthe luggage carasel because its fun like a ride.

  4. anth_lau •

    Good idea! I’m sure he wouldn’t be suspicious at all.

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