holy cow…

eeeek Its been like two weeks since i posted anything. I am so horrible bad ive been slacking like crazy. Im so sorry
So here is an update…
1. MY PARENTS ARE COMING TOMORROW!!! YIPPIE i can hardly contain myself.

2. kev has found a new love in his life… Spear fishing. He says its in his top 10 things to do ever. Thats pretty impressive to me, i didnt know he liked it so much. I thnk he just likes being underwater with the reef and fish its very calming.

3. kev got stung by a jelly fish last weekend

4. kev gashed his heel on the reef jumping after his goggles, its really bad, he should have gotten stitches i think.

5. go to kevs website www.encourageothers.com and check out the photo section there is some new photos my favorite is of cody in front of the fridge.

6. KEVS D70 DECIDED TO WORK AGAIN!!!! after being flooded with water over 6 months ago.

7. the bachelor is over, sniff sniff

8. ok i gotta run more to come i promise
im off to a really really long work meeting.
peace out homies

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