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so today was our 3 year dating anniversary. We always try to do something fun on the weekend it happens to be on. last year we drove up to niagra falls for the weekend and stay at amys. So today we wanted to do some stuff we hadnt yet done. We went horseback riding this morning in the mts. at koolau ranch. It was awesome, I havent ridin a horse in a dont know how long. My horse’s name was Bo and she was new from Canada, haha funny huh? Kevs horse was some hawaiian name for lighting. Koolau ranch is really famous for being the set for many movies, Pearl harbor, windtalkers, jurassic park, LOST. You can actually take all different types of tours there, ones that are especially for seeing where the movies have been shot, ATV rides, etc… Anys the Ranch owns a bunch of land up on the windward side of the mt. We even passed a bunch of world war 2 bunkers along the way, even some wild cows which my horse wasnt to thrilled about…

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view out to ocean on one side of trail…
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random loose horse…
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ranch kitty
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my horse
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After we went horseback riding we went and had some breakfast and went to this beautiful little beach called lanikai. You frequently see people from lost at this beach because most of them live in Kailua. Our friends said they say Hurley the other week. Anyways I dont care about lost people I just want to see Dominic Monaghan so I can see someone from Lord of the Rings. Anyways we went snorkeling and swiming and just layed around. It was a very very great day.

  1. anonymous •

    looks like you two had a great dating aniversary day, kev looks like you had your hair cut short looks good. talk to you soon love mom r

  2. jenni_n_kev •

    actually, I got my hair cut a couple days after you left us in Oahu. In this picture my hair seems long compared to back then. yikes. I fit right in with all the military guys out here for awhile.

  3. anonymous •

    Well, we are a little jealous since LOST is on our top 3 shows we watch! It would be so cool to run into somebody from that show! Your guys’ pictures are great!
    Steve and Tina

  4. jenni_n_kev •

    hey guys!!
    I just recently started watching lost becasue i like spotting where on the island they are filming. Anyways the other day they were filming on the street outside the building i work in downtown. It was one of the flash back scenes for someone.

  5. anth_lau •

    That just isn’t fair. That’s all i have to say.

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