so here is an update…
1. i started a new job like 2.5 weeks ago. I am doing marketing/smallgraphic design for a Construction company in honolulu. Our friend matt works there and he let me know about the job opening. Its going ok, i dont know anything about construction so thats not so great but it works out great because i am one street over from kev and we have the smae hours so we drive in together and we get to have lunch together and now we are members of 24 hour fitness so we go to the gym now after work that is right down the street from our works so we dont have to sit in traffic for forever.

2. i think i have decided to run in the Toronto waterfront marathon on sept. 30th. im like 93% sure im going to do it. Its just the starting thats hard. haha i say that now but 4 months from now im sure ill look back and think starting was the easy part. Anyways my thoughts are… what an awesome acomplishment and where else to run a marathon then in the place where my entire family lives. Who better to cheer me on. SO IF YOU ARE RELATED TO ME AND YOU ARE READING THIS THAT MEANS YOU HAVE TO COME CHEER ME ON!!!! It will be so fun.

3. our cats are crazy

4. the bachelor this season is from hawaii, so you should watch it.

5. dancing with the stars is kev’s least favorite show

6. its mothers day next month so remember to get a card for your moms

7. kev is a crazy spear fishing guy now. even to wear he dives down to deep and the fills his mask up with blood that is pouring from his nose. just kidding well not about the blood he just had a sinus something or other and the water pressure did something to some blood vessel in his nose.

8. my parents are coming memorial day weekend yippie

9. this weekend me and kev have been together for 3 years

10. Kev taught a graphic design workshop to high school students over the weekend. sat and sun. he liked it alot i think.

  1. anonymous •

    maybe we should do the marathon together?

  2. anonymous •

    oh yea… its carrie!

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