It’s dress up time…

We dont usually wear much more than flip flops, board shorts and tee shirts now a days but on the boat I got to wear my new dress one night so we took a few nice pictures.

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  1. anonymous •

    Cute dress honey, you look good too Kev. Oh to 24 again!
    Mom xoxox

  2. anonymous •

    Hi Guys,
    Haven’t been on your site in a bit because it has been busy. I know Rob and Lee are there. Tell her to call me after noon EDT tomorrow 4/7/07. Hope you all have a Happy Easter.

  3. anonymous •

    It looks like you guys had a great time! Eric and I are jealous you got to see lava 🙂


  4. jenni_n_kev •

    we need to see some picures from your trip!!! hope everything is going good. Heard anything from any schools yet?

  5. anonymous •

    Here are the pics from our honeymoon and st. patrick’s day in worcester.

    We have heard back from most of the schools. I have been accepted at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley. Eric is now going to apply there too, since we haven’t had much luck getting in elsewhere.

    What are your plans as far as staying in HI goes?

  6. anth_lau •

    Your pics are amazing! The lava island (that’s what i call it) was amazing looking! It looked so, well… so grey. Which was really cool. Like a scary movie or something. You looked very pretty all dressed up, so did you Jen. That pic of you with the skull, did you find that under the lava? The boat looked very fun. I am really happy you guys got to do that. You can tell it was really something!

    Love you – Laura

  7. anth_lau •

    Eric and Erin, I’m a weird-o so I decided to look at your pics. I’m so glad I did cuz I got such a kick out of the titles of each pic. Very clever, I must say. BTW, Guatamala looked beautiful. I wouldn’t ever have thought to go there until after I saw your photos. It looked like a really cool place to visit. However I think I’d cry the entire way down the steps of that temple. You are very brave.
    – Laura (Jen’s Friend, well obviously)

  8. anonymous •

    Hey Laura!
    Glad you liked the titles and pics of Guatemala! We had a great time and it was definitely cool. Although we seem brave for climbing those steps, you and your husband are definitely brave for facing parenthood 🙂 Your baby is a cutie for sure!

    Erin and Eric

  9. jenni_n_kev •

    im going to have to say yippie to everyone writing to each other!! me and kev got a kick out of you and erin talking to each other. it makes me happy for some reason. I miss you like crazy. I cant stop looking on baby in tie on my phone. Its so cute. We have more pictures coming. we still haev kauai and kona to put up. So keep checking back.

  10. jenni_n_kev •

    hey guys!!
    your pictures look awesome. What a neat place to go visit. I wil agree with laura and say i liked titles. That was a crazy bird in the tree!! And your room looked awesome. Was it all thatched on the side?? It looks like such a cool place.
    good luck with applying!

  11. anonymous •

    awwww…. you guys look great! i love your dress, jen. you look beautiful!

  12. […] but I never grow old of it. I think its just so pretty. I love the lace at the bottom. Here are some pictures of me wearing it almost 3.5 years ago on a cruise we took when we lived in Hawaii. funny huh? Now […]

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