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sooo i dont have to much to write about. i dont want to bore everyone. Kev went spear fishing for the first time on sunday. He said it was awesome. He caught one fish, but then let him go. He said it was so tropical and beautiful where they went. He got kinda beat up though from the waves pushing him into the reef.

we go on our cruise in less then 1 week now. I am very very excited. Its a different kind of excited now then when i went on a cruise before. Before it was so excited because it was going to be warm weather but now im so excited because i cant wait to explore the other islands plus cruise ships are just so sweet. I CANT WAIT TO SEE LAVA!!! and am also really excited to see the big observatorys. I just want to be able to take a picture so i can send it to my dad!! In Maui there is a place called the seven scared pools and im very excited to go see them and go swimming in them. its going to be so awesome.

I sat in the sun today for like the first time in months. The weather has been kinda raining on the weekends or we have other stuff to do lately. It felt good except i got alittle burnt because i had become so white again.

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