locked out…

so me and kev locked ourselves out of the apt. the other night. It was 9:30pm and we went out quick to get some m ilk so we didnt have our cells phones of anything with us. Good thing that jenni lives across the street cause we went knocking on her door to see if we could stay over. The wonderful personthat she is of course let us stay over. The next day i could not track anyone down untill 4 to let me into the apt. Kev had to go to work in what he was wearing the night before. It was a disaster. Then when i came back into the apt. the dishes were left from the night before so i was washing them when i looked down to the kitchen floor and it was coverd (I mean like swimming) in soy sauce. Ugh somehow it tiped inthe fridge and was leaking everywhere. It was such a mess.
-yesterday i had an interview
-our cruise is in a week and a half
-we got 4 new cds yesterday… regina spektor, amy winehouse, new comeback kid, new relient k
-we thought kev gave the cat a heart attack the other day, but to bring the cat in for a walk in doc. app. was going to cost us to start 70 dollars, so we chanced it. Hes fine.

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