crocs are for lame-os

yesterday was our idea of a perfect hawaiian day… we started the day we an awesome hike. We went out looking for this water hole and waterfall but we crossed trails somewhere and ended up climbing along a ridge line of the mountain we were on. It was sweet. In some spots it was only like 3 feet across and just vertical slope on either side way down into the valley. it was so sweet!!! Kev wore his crocs that he got for christmas. haha i think he looks funny. but they are perfect for the hike when you are crossing streams and swimming. I found another croc strap along the way- i guess some had the same idea with bad results…

Then we went over to our friends house to celebrate some birthdays and played beach volleyball and the boys went swimming inthe ocean. It was alot of fun.

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  1. anonymous •
  2. anonymous •

    You think crocs on Kevin are funny well do you want a real haha – your dad has a pair and so do I – and we love them! The winter star party in the Keys this year was so muddy that we went out and bought some just to get around the grounds, and we have been wearing them ever since. (don’t laugh to hard)
    I look at the those beautiful pictures you take of all the trees and mountains etc. and I still find it hard to believe that you guys are really there – it is just so different. Well, keep the pictures coming, it will keep me going until we see you both in May.

    Mom xoxoxo

  3. justyouandme •


  4. justyouandme •

    disclaimer: (since some people have been offended by my “teasing” humor lately i would just like to be clear that i dont honestly think you are lame)

  5. jenni_n_kev •

    amy i would agree with you i think croc are the most unflattering shoes ever created in the history of shoe making. haha haha i cant believe mom and dad have them too. I do however think i will be getting some too just to go on hikes with them them or water shoes which are in their own way just as ugly on your feet as crocs. is there no winning is shoes that can get wet?

  6. jenni_n_kev •

    hahahaha thats funny! what color are they? i can picture them very easily on you but no so much on dad. I hop ehis are ty died colored with those little charm things you can put in them now a days.

  7. anonymous •

    I love Crocs! yippie!

  8. anonymous •

    They are both kinda a dark khaki color, (I like the color although it is not very daring like hot orange or purple) Dad picked them out, they were for walking in the mud and I guess he figured that color wouldn’t show mud.
    I was quite surprised – they look really good on him!

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