more cat in a bag…

I couldnt find big surf anywhere yesterday and then I realized that he had jumped into the ben franklins bag and had fallen asleep. He was completely in there too, it wasnt like the bag was over on its side and he was just kinda in there. It was like if i went to the store and had bought a kitten.
Anyways yesterday i decided I was going to start a wedding invitation business. Im really excited. I made a bunch of samples and kev and me are going to make a website and business cards.

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the other day i took cody (jennis son) to the pool to babysit him while she was teaching and im a game we called towle monster. ok so i just made that up now but i was pretending to chase him with the towel and he tripped and smacked him head on the cement. It busted his lip all up and was bleeding all over the place. It was horrible. I was so afarid he had knocked out his tooth. Anyways hes ok thank goodness, just a major fat lip and cuts inside his mouth. Well yesterday him and jenni came over for dinner and we had our ghetto fan going the one the cats knock out of our 3rd floor window. well kev and him were throwing connect 4 pieces into the fan cause it was shooting them out cause the plastic around the fan is broken. and what does cody do? he sticks his hand into the blade and cuts his finger. Ahhh i felt so incredible horrible. We should not be allowed to have or babysit children…

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