life without kev…

so its been pretty boring here now that kev has gone off to work. Ive been trying to paint alittle more because i would really really love to have a collection of work that i could get an art show with. Especially on first fridays here in the art district area. It woud be so fun.
so here is what i have been filling my days with…
-rearranging the apt.
-figuring out our taxes
-updating my ipod
-and today i am going to go lay out by jennis pool

are cats had thier first doctors app. the other day it was fun but expensive. The doctor concluded that have a ficitional disease called night rabies. hehe except that i have further the diagnoses and concluded that they have bi polar night rabies. They get so crazy at night its insane, biting and scratching and flipping out and then the next second they are licking your hand. bi polar night rabies

i got to talk to laura yesterday for like 2 hours, it was sweet! She is going to take deal or no deal by storm…

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