first day of…

you would think it was school but no it was kevs fist day at his new job yesterday. I was a proud wife and had to take a picture he just looked so handsome in his new clothes. hehe

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  1. justyouandme •

    spiffy shoes

  2. justyouandme •

    you know guys. you always say how you want us all to comment so you know people are reading your entries…but what about us? i thik youuuu guys should comment on all the comments so WE the people know that you are reading our comments.


    jen why wont you answer my text message?

  3. jenni_n_kev •

    they are spiffy arent they…

  4. anonymous •

    i must agree, even though i am his mother he does look very handsome and happy! Hope the job is going well!!!!! love mom

  5. anonymous •

    kev and jen the sneakers look llike the vans i got casie for christmas are they plaid, i like them! good choice . i forgot to add this on my first comment. ok i’m done now , love again mom

  6. jenni_n_kev •

    the job is going awesome!! well i guess i cant talk for him but I think his boss is the nicest person i have ever met. Im very excited for him. The shoes arent plaid they are brown tweed kinda, kinda like casie’s though…

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