an update…

hmm so i havent had a lot of pictures to post lately, sorry! but alot has happened…
1. I realized that i have yet to see any kind of school bus picking up children for school? do they have no school buses, i mean i know they have no billboards but school buses?
2. I quit my job. last friday was my last day so that means today is the first day of NO JOB.
3. Im going down to the school at our church today to fill out an applications cause i know they are needing teachers really badly.
4. No on has guessed my valentines day present yet!!!
5. Kev has started doing freelance for this rich guy in hawaii kai, he has an awesome apt. that over looks the ocean and diamond head.
6. our cruise is coming up soon.
7. kevs parents are coming on april 2
8. i love shave ice
9. We got an awesome awesome bike at a garage sale and i love taking bike rides to the park while kev skateboards along side
10. i still have no phone
12. we went to a carnival last weekend and it was so unbelievabley expensive. I guess they can charge whatever they want since there arent that many carnivals here, i mean there are no amusement parks so they kknow people will pay. Not us though. It was like at least 5 bucks to go on like 5 second rides. No thanks
13. We miss everyone

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