i got my valentines surprise…

so yesterday kev took me to get my valentines day surprise because he wa afarid he wouldnt be able to get it if he waited to next wednesday. Anyways we ended up leavig with something else other than what we went in for…
any guess??? all i have to say is that ITS SWEET!!!!! Its the best best gift ever. I’m going to take some guesses first before i tell you all…

  1. anonymous •

    Piebald cd?


  2. justyouandme •

    YOURE PREGNANT!?!!?!?!

  3. jenni_n_kev •

    how does this make any sense at all. no im not prregnant. its better than that anyways. haha well i guess to me now it is…

  4. jenni_n_kev •

    nope about a million times better

  5. anonymous •

    I know you could probably still get it next wednesday, but what about a tatoo?!!

  6. anonymous •

    Ok, if I am wrong about the tatoo, what about you went in to get the Super Nintendo, but came out with the “Wii” instead?!!
    Ok, I am just guessing here!!

  7. reealitee •

    A cat?

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